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Over “Aws Idris”

hello I am As, I live in Haarlem with my family almost six years ago. I am working at warchild holland as ICT officer,and in cooperation with my friend over the world we started and NGO called Human for Human to herlp people in need over the world. we still in the beginig but our ambitions is hight.
what I really need is to improve my duch language to a good level that I can speak read write understand.
I allreay have some good basics, and went through many courses I think my level is A2 to B1, I beleave I will not aquire a good level without daily contact with duch people. it good if thier a valantyy work that help me prcatice my language or any way you can help me in ehancing my language.
best regards
Aws Idris

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